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Zoom desking is a new addition to our Health and Wellbeing range. Zoom Desks can be adjusted in height between 685mm – 1185mm by using the desk handest which has two buttons – to move the desk up and down.

Desk frames are available in Silver and White with a range of colours to choose from for the desk panel. For more information on Zoom contact us now.



  • Zoom Frame FBX

    Zoom Frame saved as FBX model

    download Size: 50.26MB
  • Zoom Frame OBJ

    Zoom Frame saved as OBJ

    download Size: 29.94MB
  • Zoom TS1880 FBX

    Zoom top with scallops saved as FBX

    download Size: 50.27MB
  • Zoom TT1880 FBX

    Zoom plain top saved as FBX

    download Size: 50.26MB
  • Zoom TP1880 FBX

    Zoom top with portals saved as FBX

    download Size: 50.92MB
  • Zoom Technical Specifications

    download Size: 1.96MB
  • Zoom - Universal Assembly and User Instructions

    download Size: 1.12MB

Standard Wood Panel Colours

All the following materials are E1 Grade, impact and scratch resistant MFC.

Metal Colours

All paint used is completely solvent-free and offers up to 99% material utilisation. Consequently, this coating method is incredibly economical and, at the same time, eco-efficient.

Note: Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances. Electronic colours in the electronic fabrics swatch may differ from real colours.


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