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PEARL reception unit combines temperament with substantiality. A decisive line and a shiny finish bring a large dose of energy into the space.

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The PEARL counter is three identical, longitudinal blocks set on top of each other and separated by rustication. The slots are illuminated by RGB LED lamps whose colour can be set using a dedicated remote control. The colour of the finish of individual blocks may be different for each of them. PEARL is a clear, practical design – open and friendly towards the visitor, comfortable for the employee.


All paint used is completely solvent-free and offers up to 99% material utilisation. Consequently, this coating method is incredibly economical and, at the same time, eco-efficient.


All the following materials are E1 Grade, impact and scratch resistant MFC.



All the following materials are highly reflective E1 Grade, impact and scratch resistant MFC.

Note: Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances. Electronic colours in the electronic fabrics swatch may differ from real colours. High Gloss and Acrylux Panels are available in the Pearl Premium version only.


    Pearl Models Formatted in 3DS

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