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Hush Work

Hush Work is a new approach to individual work. This solution allows you to create dedicated spaces for focused work.

Technical Specifications

The active ventilation with 3 fans in the ceiling with a performance of 100 m³/h each, run by a presence sensor with adjustable delay. The ventilation work’s volume at the level of 50 dB.

Lighting power 17W/1550 lm Colour of light – 3200K with adjustable intensity, Maximum Power consumption of the product: 42 W

Length of the cable – 1.6 m method of releasing the cable – bottom.

Size – 1600 (W) x 1200 (D) x 2300 (H)

Weight – 490 Kg

Logistics recommendations – unloading with a forklift – transport to a building or inside building using a pallet truck or transport platform.

Hardware recommendations – handles for carrying glass – pallet truck or transport platform.


Ventilation Scheme

Mura Mikomax

Composition: 100% Poliester
Weight: 225 gr/m2
Test Martindale: 80000

Petrus Mikomax

Composition: 100% Poliester
Weight: 383 gr/m2
Test Martindale: 80000

Wool Mikomax

Composition: Wool 70% / Poliester 20% / Other 10%
Weight: 325 gr/m2
Test Martindale: 100000
Fire Protection: Retardance

Melamine Mikomax

Veneer Mikomax

Lacquer Gloss Mikomax

Metal Mikomax

Note: Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances. Electronic colours in the electronic fabrics swatch may differ from real colours.

  • Hush Work Brochure

    Hush Work Brochure

    download Size: 2.61MB
  • Hush Pods Brochure

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  • Hush Work

    Hush Work model Formatted in FBX.

    download Size: 2.22MB


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