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Hush Meet

Hush Meet is an additional, independent space for your office, where it is possible to hold meetings in silence. Advanced acoustic solutions effectively isolate sounds, and the enclosed form provides a feeling of privacy.

Technical Specifications

The active ventilation with 5 fans in the ceiling with a performance of 100 m³/h each, run by a presence sensor with adjustable delay. The ventilation work’s volume at the level of 50 dB.

Lighting power 19,2W/1600 lm Colour of light – 3200K with adjustable intensity. Maximum power consumption of the product: 48 W

Length of the cable – 1.6 m method of releasing the cable – bottom.

Size – 2150 (W) x 1390 (D) x 2300 (H)

Weight – 660 Kg


Ventilation Scheme

Hush Meet

Mura Mikomax

Composition: 100% Poliester
Weight: 225 gr/m2
Test Martindale: 80000

Petrus Mikomax

Composition: 100% Poliester
Weight: 383 gr/m2
Test Martindale: 80000

Wool Mikomax

Composition: Wool 70% / Poliester 20% / Other 10%
Weight: 325 gr/m2
Test Martindale: 100000
Fire Protection: Retardance

Melamine Mikomax

Veneer Mikomax

Lacquer Gloss Mikomax

Metal Mikomax

Note: Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances. Electronic colours in the electronic fabrics swatch may differ from real colours.

  • Hush Meet Brochure

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  • Hush Pods Brochure

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  • Hush Meet 3D

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  • Hush Meet 2D

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  • Hush Meet Acoustic Test Result

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