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Acos conference chair can function successfully almost anywhere – whether in a conference room, company office or government office. Thanks to its light form, delicate cross-sections and precision, the chairs still look elegant in the rooms of high-level managers. The chair attracts attention through its simple but effective form. The chair is manufactured from the highest quality materials, and thanks to the use of thin and delicate sections the design maintains a subtle character. The armrests are parallel to the floor, to guarantee a comfortable and beneficial position. Active is a system of managerial armchairs. An elegant line of seat and backrest, together with appropriately selected armrests, give this model an image of a luxury armchair. Stable, large seat combined with ergonomically contoured backrest upholstered with perforated leather makes it very comfortable to sit in, even for a long time.

The chair is available with several different versions of frame (4 legs, 4 legs on wheels, and non-stacking cantilever). Thanks to this, they can be easily adapted to individual needs. The frame is available in four colours: black, metallic, gloss and satin chrome.

Product Description

  • 30H – 4-legged, armrests, non-stackable
    30HC – 4-legged, castors, armrests, non-stackable
    30VN – cantilever, armrests, non-stackable


  • Metal tube with cross section fi 25 mm.
  • Frame  Colours:
    – black (powder coated)
    – metallic (powder coated)
    – shiny chrome (chromed)
    – satin chrome (chromed)


  • As an integral part of the frame. Armrest in the straight line to the floor.
    Armrest always with upholstered pad (O):- models upholstered with leather – armrest pad in colour of chair upholstery
    – models upholstered with fabric, Softline or Valencia – armrest pad always upholstered with black leather

Castors / Glides

  • Glides:
    – standard – hard glides (for soft floors),
    – option – felt glides (for hard floors)
    – option – teflon glides (universal)
  • Castors in HC models:
    – hard castors (for soft floors)
    – soft castors (for hard floors)It is possible to order the armchair without glides at no extra charge.


  • Plywood covered with molded foam, density 55,5 kg/m3.

Net Weight

  • 30H – 11,5 kg
  • 30HC – 11,5 kg
  • 30VN – 12,0 kg

Gross Weight

  • 30H – 15,0 kg
  • 30HC – 15,0 kg
  • 30VN – 15,5 kg


Martindale: 150,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Weight: 300g/m2
Material: 100% polyester


Martindale: 100,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Part 1
Weight: 380g/m2
Material: 100% Polyester


Martindale: 75,000
Fire Rating: BS5852 Crib 5
Weight: 364g/m2
Material: 100% Polyester


Martindale: 50,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Part 1
Weight: 220g/m2
Material: Surface 100% PU, Backing 100% Cotton


Martindale: 170,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Weight: 328g/m2
Material: 100% Polyester


Martindale: 300,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Part 1 & 2
Weight: 650g/m2
Material: Surface 100% Vinyl, Backing 100% Polyester Hi-Loft 2TM


Martindale: 200,000
Fire Rating: BS5852 Crib 5
Weight: 450g/m2
Material: 95% Wool, 5% Polyamide


Martindale: 60,000 cycles (DS-EN ISO 12947-2)
Fire Rating: EN1021 Part 1 & 2
Weight: 300g/m2
Material: 100% Recycled Flame Retardant Polyester


Martindale: 100,000
Fire Rating: BS5852 Crib 5
Weight: 336g/m2
Material: 100% Trevira CS


Martindale: 100,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Weight: 400g/m2
Material: 95% Wool, 5% PA


Martindale: 250,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Thickness: 0,8-1,0 mm (+/- 15%)
Material: Natural Leather

Note: Batch to batch variations in shade may occur within commercial tolerances. Electronic colours in the electronic fabrics swatch may differ from real colours.

  • ACOS_3DS

    Acos 3D model file in 3DS format

    download Size: 4.98MB

    Acos 3D model file in FBX format

    download Size: 9.12MB

    Acos 3D model file in OBJ format

    download Size: 6.49MB

    Acos 3D model file in DWG format

    download Size: 10.53MB


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